birthday parties

Birthday parties

Before the birthday party, you present the course of the party and we discuss the music selection. You, as the client, determine the musical genres and let me know which songs should not be missing at your party.
We agree on the musical selection and performance of the opening dance, cake cutting, etc.

As a DJ at a birthday party, I have an almost limitless range of music, from which you can choose songs that are close to your heart. The music is played in the original sound quality, from traditional folk music to modern rhythms, which at certain moments allows me to be flexible towards the current situation on the dance floor.

I avoid long breaks, which are introduced only at your request, otherwise the music is present non-stop. When the dance floor is full, the music is louder, and the volume level is lowered when the company wants to talk and socialize.
The agreed price includes:

  • musical equipment
  • disco lights
  • ambient lights
  • musical animation without a set time limit
  • Travel costs
  • Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
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