Music and dancing for all tastes

My name is Borut Titovšek and I have been involved in DJing for many years. I have worked in clubs and discos throughout Slovenia, and for the last 10 years I have specialized in wedding and birthday parties, which represent the majority of my performances. This type of performance is closest to my heart, therefore I decided on this path of DJing. Since then, I have performed all over Slovenia and in Croatian seaside resorts.

presentation of the music selection

Music for all generations.

When choosing music, I am completely flexible, so it can be left entirely up to me or at the choice of the client. The course of the fun and the musical backdrop is adjusted to your liking.

The music spectrum is very wide, from classical Slovenian regiments and waltzes, to new hits, rock, pop, Latin rhythms – anything!

I always try to select music for all generations!

I am an advocate of musical wishes and I am happy to include them in the music program itself, so that there is something for everyone. All musical wishes are announced, which is usually very welcomed by the guests. If a certain musical wish does not coincide with a pre-agreed program, I do not play them, or I consult with you first.


birthday parties
end of year office parties
half a century parties

the beginning of my DJ career

DJ with tradition.

I am a mobile DJ with many years of experience. I work at wedding celebrations, birthdays, congress end of the year office parties, fashion shows, business gatherings…

My beginnings go back to the Jadran Expres Disco and the Jadran Club in Radeče, under the mentorship of, at that time, very popular DJ Brac. This was followed by a short period in Porto Pub – Hrastnik and Shakes Klub – Hrastnik, which was at that time considered the best “party place” in Zasavje and Posavje next to the discos Mesečina and Pacific.

As a student, I went to the Slovenian Coast, and soon became a resident DJ in the club Paprika and later in Pergola or Ribičija, as it was called at the time. In the meantime, I regularly participated in various events under the auspices of the Škerbec agency in the Coastal Region (Marinada, Izola Boat Show, Internautica, sailing regattas, fashion shows, etc.)

One of the highlights that I place next to the residence in the then most popular club in Portorož was the annual cooperation with Burin Yacht Club from Ljubljana in creating the then largest entertainment event of the year in Portorož as part of the nautical fair Internautica. In the Auditorium – Portorož we prepared famous after parties at Marinada, following mega concerts of: Oliver Dragojevič, Josipa Lisac, Gibonni, Zdravko Čolić, Tony Cetinsky, Magnifico, Severina…

In this period also After parties, such as the Slovenian Film Festival, SOF advertising festival, Zlati Boben, etc.

Conclusions of major seminars in congress centers, halls and hotel lobbies with a total number of participants of up to 1000 people, birthday parties, weddings, entertainment at various sport events, etc.

Annual After-New Year’s party on January 1. on the platform in Portorož…
During all this time, I gained valuable experience as a mobile DJ at various occasional events, as well as as a Clubbing DJ in various clubs and discos.

Glavarstvo 1a,
2391 Prevalje
Phone: +386 41 377 639